Results Matter

In a fractured healthcare environment, the challenges organizations face can seem insurmountable. Unprecedented regulation. Skyrocketing costs. Unpredictable outcomes.

Industry reform and other market trends are changing the way we think about care delivery and how consumers interact with the health care system. StayWell is evolving to play an even more valuable role in addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow—and delivering results that are crucial to the success of our clients and the 80 million lives our solutions touch each year.

We merged our expertise—and commitment.

In early 2014, we announced the merger between StayWell Health Management and Krames StayWell, forming StayWell—a first of its kind health engagement organization. StayWell’s legacy is one of pioneering leaders in the fields of patient education and engagement, health care content marketing and population health and wellness. We are a fountain of applied research, operational expertise and decades-long experience in the markets we serve.

Through our combined forces, we are harmonizing technology and product development, redeploying features across platforms and combining best practices—all of which enhance and accelerate the delivery of next-generation health engagement solutions.

The best is yet to come.

As StayWell, we will fully leverage our rich legacy and expertise in research and program evaluation from our population health and wellness roots across our business. By combining this expertise with new analytics and data management tools, we can more effectively evaluate and measure results for each of our products and solutions across the markets we serve. The insights we glean will help us refine our products and approach to help us achieve optimal results for our clients.

Because results matter. StayWell.


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