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Delivering employee wellness that works

Like any investment, your employee wellness program needs to yield returns. Research shows that when your employees are healthy, they are more productive and drive down healthcare, workers compensation and disability costs—positively impacting your bottom line. Engage and manage the health of your employees while reducing their healthcare costs and improving health outcomes with tools and programs from Krames StayWell. Reach your entire population with our cost-efficient, scalable interactive health management platform that’s tailored to each employee’s unique health needs and motivations. Deliver targeted education programs spanning prevention topics from risk reduction to chronic condition management. We’ll help you facilitate lasting behavior change and positive lifestyle improvement to generate a positive ROI.

Creating healthier, happier, more productive employees

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Worksite solutions for better health

When a company invests in its most valuable asset—its employees—everyone wins. Healthy employees are happy employees, and happy employees are more productive. Krames StayWell delivers worksite health solutions that create healthier employees. Whether employees need to stay or get healthy, our programs build the skills required for successful behavior change and ongoing self-management. Our health management platform assesses health risks and delivers tailored programs to meet individual health needs. Award-winning health newsletter programs promote your company’s commitment to a healthy workforce. And, clinical communications span the continuum of prevention topics for employee outreach.

Improving the health of your employees and your bottom line

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About Krames StayWell

Krames StayWell, a leading health engagement solutions company, provides a broad portfolio of solutions to help its clients achieve their acquisition and retention, population health management, and patient and consumer education goals.

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