Engagement Matters

Improving health outcomes requires sustained engagement throughout a consumer’s interactions with the health care system.

As the average American makes thousands of health decisions in his or her lifetime, organizations must fully understand the consumer, their interests, communications preferences, challenges and motivations to achieve meaningful engagement.

Meanwhile, access to information and a seemingly endless supply of communication channels are changing the way consumers make decisions about products, solutions and services. The modern consumer seeks immediate, personalized and relevant health information through a variety of channels—and StayWell is poised to deliver.

For decades we’ve been synonymous with superior health content and consumer engagement. And having recently combined the assets of StayWell Health Management and Krames StayWell, we fuse our content with deep expertise in the science of behavior change. Understanding health consumers as deeply as we do ensures that our customizable programs effectively engage and empower people to make positive health care decisions—across even the most challenging populations.

Ultimately driving long-term engagement and lasting health and business success.

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